MongoDb shards on Docker for Windows

I recently spun up a tri-replicated, tri-sharded, tri-mongos'd database on the lab nodes. It worked, and was OK for the learning experience, but I'm not sure I would trust it for much else.

Centos 7 nic bonding Gotchas and Hints

I recently decided to try to bond four nics on a Centos 7 host. It wasn't smooth sailing.

WordPress Docker Container Portability Gotchas and Hints

The official WordPress container works well for local development on your local machine, but I hit a few gotchas migrating to a 'production' system.

PFSense ACME Module Manual Update

I didn't find a comprehensive guide to setting up manually renewed DNS based certificates with the PFsense ACME module, so here is a quick walk through.

PFSense HAProxy Gotchas and Hints

Quick list of hurdles hit with HAProxy module in PFSense

PFSense Gotchas and Hints

Quick list of hurdles hit with PFSense evaluation.